Frequently Asked Questions

How does your brochure distribution work?

Our clients pick how many locations and/or the area they would like their material distributed. Then

when we receive the brochures or magazines our team places it in our pockets.


What is the advantage of using a rack brochure over the web?

Many statistics show that brochures are the most frequently used source of information during trip

planning. 40% of visitors say tourist maps and brochures influenced unplanned stops. Additionally,

the influence of a brochure does not end immediately after viewing or collection. Brochures can be

shared by the whole family, passed around, shown to friends and coworkers; increasing your

chances of future business.  With our service, though, you get the advantages of brochures with

the bonus of having your information featured on our website as added advertisement for your

business at NO extra cost to you. This gives you greater exposure with an extended reach beyond

our normal distribution area.


Where can I get my brochures printed, does Lively Distributors handle that?

We don't handle it personally, but we can make recommendations based on other clients feedback.


What size does my brochure need to be?

For best display, brochures and/or rack cards should be 4" wide and 9" tall.


How many brochures do I need to order?

This is subjective to the amount of locations you choose and also the type of brochure (most

commonly, bi-old, tri-fold or rack card).  To initially fill each "pocket" we would need 300 rack cards,

150 bi-fold or 120 tri- fold brochures. In addition to the initial fill, Lively Distributors can provide

information on the amount of additional brochures you would need to ensure constant maximum

exposure based on the type of business, number of locations and areas it is being distributed to.

Ordering in small quantities several times each year is usually more expensive than ordering one

large quantity, but is sometimes necessary if frequent changes are anticipated.


How often will my brochure be serviced in the locations?

Our team visits various locations 5 days a week. Each team member has a designated route/area

to ensure every location is visited once or twice per week.


How will I know my brochures are working?

Unlike many forms of advertising and marketing, brochures are trackable! The most effective way

is to use a small code printed on the brochure in conjunction with a coupon.

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